Our First Meat Chickens

We have lived in the city for years and for awhile we have kept chickens as a hobby and to enjoy their yummy eggs. This Summer, as we are transitioning onto our farm, we took the plunge and added meat chickens.  My daughter and son-in-law spent the summer in their RV at the farm raising chickens.

2018 August 1 Meat Birds

August 1, 2018 Twenty-two Baby Chicks


Growing in their cost-free-make-do chicken tractor

2018 Chicken Processing Day

Loaded up for the morning processing trip

2018 Harvest Sunrise

October 19, 2018 Harvest Dawn

2018 Chicken Processing Day Carl and Abbie

Chicken Tenders, Abbie and Carl


2018 Chicken Harvest

Beautiful Naturally Pasture Raised Chickens to Sustain Us


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