Fall Beginnings

Firsts at Lone Lombardy Homestead

I started this blog almost a year ago and then there was a long pause.  I had some technical difficulty which you may notice but since I cannot figure out how to fix it,  we will just go with it. If you have a solution, please comment.  I have been saving lots of pics to share.

We closed on our eleven acre farm in July 2017.  It hosts an old farm house, a beautiful old barn, a smokehouse, chicken houses and various sheds and out buildings. It is forlorn and nearly abandoned. This little farm, in the autumn of it’s life, is about to have a new beginning.


Farm House circa 1909 (South elevation)

Kitchen Cabinets Before

Pitiful long skinny kitchen

Kitchen Before

Lots of potential

Kitchen Chimney Before

Evidence of a kitchen wood stove (flue)

Sun Porch Ceiling Before

Frightening “before” Images



She has a brand new roof!

Porch Sketch

Imagined South Facing 30′ Porch

This summer has been hot and miserable but we did spend some time exploring. Our farm has vestiges of a life well lived. We stumbled on all kinds of exciting things. There are buildings and their abandoned contents. We were delighted to find all manner of flora and fauna.  Each season reveals new surprises. Hint: bugs, beautiful orb spiders, vole, rabbit, owl scat, elderberry, asparagus, old roses, lilies, sweet pea, lilac, forsythia, bridal wreath, holly hocks, bees, peaches, apples, pears, grapes and much more. Pics to come.


2 thoughts on “Fall Beginnings

  1. So happy to see your post. How exciting to discover so many wonderful plants, bushes and trees on your farm. Much of ours we had to plant after we purchased the property and some are just beginning to bear fruit. I looking forward to reading more.


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