My new favorite day

Why? Why at age 70 am I leaving urban life and starting a homestead? Why would I sit here and grow older in my recliner for who knows how long? I don’t have to. I am reasonably sane, reasonably healthy and this is my passion project.

Certain things aren’t working for me anymore. I am losing my autonomy. My “gainful job” is done and I have raised my children and grandchildren as best I could. I have lived “as I was supposed to.” I grew up when Rock and Roll began, innocence was lost, flower children were born. Society has become more bold, more outspoken. We are not “The Greatest Generation”, that was our parents. They call us the “Baby Boomers.” What the heck kind of legacy is that??? As a whole I believe progress is a good thing, but some progressive ideas are not… Our children are being poisoned by food that isn’t real, are being overloaded with vaccines that have questionable benefit, are adopting ideals that have been plucked from the internet or other media. We have given our children over to fast food, online addictions, and schools that try to fit them in boxes.  I want to pass on to my progeny what I believe to be truths.  When nothing is going well…return to the trinity: eat, sleep, exercise!

I grew up on a farm. Farms are good for teaching you stuff!

1. You can ignore your problem but it usually won’t go away on it’s own.

2. If you have a problem, figure it out. Ask for help if necessary. Don’t whine.

3. No solution? Eat, sleep and exercise. The problem will not seem so big in the morning.

4. The sun gives life to us through the earth. Use fresh, in-season, unprocessed local food for nourishment.

5. Some of the best things in life are free. Sleep, exercise, and patience.

6. Read a book! There will be time in the winter when the seasons change.

7. Follow the Golden rule.






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